To find the best shrimp
from Madagascar
look fot rhe leader:

For over 30 years, the Unima Group has been a pioneer in the Malagasy shrimp industry. It has developed ecological fishing and farming models by applying the best practices in the world, which respect and preserve the environment. Employing 4,000 people, Unima is Madagascar’s most important shrimp exporter with an annual yield of 7,500 tons of shrimp, highly appreciated by the most demanding consumers.

Today, the leading wholesalers of seafood, as well as speciality restaurants and retail distributors greatly value Unima products. The Group is developing the famous shrimp called “Ikizukuri” in Japan, which is
eaten raw. It has also obtained the “Label Rouge” certification, the first ever granted to a shrimp producer: the ultimate proof of quality.

This drive for excellence has led the group to develop a perfectly managed vertically integrated shrimp production, including domestication, breeding, farming, processing, cooking (freshly cooked whole shrimp),
distribution as well as a feed mill. Thus Unima can guarantee the perfect traceability and quality of its products down to its retail distributors.