Catch less but catch better.

Internationally recognized for its practice of responsible fishing, Unima , with its fleet of 6 trawlers, catches 500 tons of wild shrimp per year, strictly implementing the FAO code of conduct in order to maintain sustainable marine resources:

-   Strictly controlled fishing effort.
-   Larger mesh size of nets and reduction of the width of the trawls.
-   Equipping the trawlers with
TEDs (Turtle Excluding Devices)
and BRDs (By-catch Reduction Devices),
to reduce by-catch of fish and turtle,
in collaboration with the WWF.
-   Protection of the shore and
the coral eco-system.
-   Cooperation with traditional fishermen to ensure a sustainable use of marine resources.
-   Creation of alternate income sources for the traditional fishermen during the closure of shrimp-fishing season.

Unima has played a key role in setting up responsible fishing practices in Madagascar, mainly through its role as a founding member of the GAPCM (Group of Shrimp Aquaculture and Fishery operators of Madagascar).
Together with this organisation and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the Group has initiated a procedure of eco-certification for fisheries.