To ensure quality
means above all
to protect
the environment.

Conscious of the environment, Unima applies strict ecological standards. The Group's aquaculture sites are considered as a benchmark in the industry. In collaboration with the WWF, Unima has initiated the eco-certification of Malagasy aquaculture.

As a result of Unima ’s strong commitment, more than 97% of the original mangroves have been preserved and even increased by planting 650,000 mangrove seedlings. Unima is also engaged in reforestation programmes of eucalyptus, acacia, teak and casuarinas trees.

Unima is determined to reduce to a strict minimum the impact of its sites on nature. It carries out a close environmental monitoring of the fauna, flora and water quality. Its sites are deliberately located far from one another in order to preserve the eco-systems and ensure their bio-security.

Encouraged by its pioneering experience in aquaculture, Unima has undertaken an audacious new challenge in Madagascar: a cashew plantation. This ambitious large-scale project aims for a durable reforestation of 7,000 ha of arid land by planting more than one and a half million trees.