When Unima progresses,
so does Madagascar.

Located in landlocked regions, the Unima sites provide real opportunities for development to these often deprived areas.

In accordance with its values , and with a concern for local traditions, Unima does not only finance the infrastructures for its own staff, but by developing local communities, the Group also encourages local inhabitants to implicate themselves in their future.

For instance, Unima ’s community development team has contributed to build a school for 600 pupils, public health-care centres, including maternity facilities, sewage infrastructures, roads, ecological, solid earthen brick houses and market gardens, providing commerce and income for families. It has also monitored installations to supply drinkingwater.

In order to contribute further to the development of rural areas, and to serve the cause of the children of Madagascar, Unima supports Unicef financially in its projects to supply schools with drinking water (WASH programmes).