the natural way.

Unima has opted for a low density stocking model of 5 to 10 shrimp per square metre, instead of over 50 in intensive farming. This model guarantees a sustainable production of high quality shrimp.

The two farms of the Group, spread over 1,600 hectares of natural clay soil, produce over 5,000 tons of shrimp per year. More than eighteen parameters are continuously monitored in the surrounding eco-system.

The shrimp food is partly provided by their natural environment. It is complemented with a supply of strictly controlled nutrients of marine and plant origin, which will soon be produced by the Group. Medicinal additives as well as meal containing GM or terrestrial animal ingredients are strictly prohibited on Unima farms.

Unima is the first company worldwide to have successfully domesticated the Penaeus monodon species. Thus it disposes of its own healthy, strictly controlled broodstock, without having to take them from the sea. The shrimp grow naturally, at their own speed, to an impressive size in conditions similar to those of their natural environment. This explains their unique flavour and texture.